salatMK v5

salatMK v5

salatMK is a FREE daily muslim prayer time, reminder, and qibla locator for BlackBerry mobile phone. The calculation is based on your current location. Hear the adzan on time, or choose your own adzan to suit your need. A Semi-Finalist for 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge.


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CitationThanks for this wonderful app. It works just fine, and I loved the Moa'zen's voice mA; besides, u can control the Azan. I've once had another app which didn't allow sound adjustment or even to turn it off so every time the azan went off at class or at library it was very disturbing/loud and I had no choice but to shut down my phone in order to make the azan stop!
Now lhamd I'm satisfied with this app; couldn't ask for any better & its free!
Jazakom Allah Khayr.

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