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About Us

About us

Hello, we are matkeri Dot Net

But you probably knew that already : )

About our team

matkeri Dot Net was built by a passionate team to enable productive applications – that exist freely on other platforms – on BlackBerry devices. We are a BlackBerry Associate Alliance Member.

To contact us regarding our services and products, please send your email to support_at_matkeri.net. For Paypal donation, please send it to matkeri_at_gmail.com.

All products and services are made in Malaysia. : )

CitationGreat app. Accurate and east to use. Reminds me 5 times a day that I am a sinner!
CitationThis app is the best. May allah bliss the ones that maid this app. And. Is free. (The Maker may allah u and your family too. ) Insalallah !