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About Us

About us

Hello, we are matkeri Dot Net

But you probably knew that already : )

About our team

matkeri Dot Net was built by a passionate team to enable productive applications – that exist freely on other platforms – on BlackBerry devices. We are a BlackBerry Associate Alliance Member.

To contact us regarding our services and products, please send your email to support_at_matkeri.net. For Paypal donation, please send it to matkeri_at_gmail.com.

All products and services are made in Malaysia. : )

CitationMay Allah bless you for the effort of making this free, awesome and useful app. It is so user-friendly and yet powerful. Thank you.
farouq5597salatMK is awesome!
CitationMy top used app,most useful,beautiful azan, helps me to stay in track with salat's times with out stressing abt it... LOVE IT...